Suddenly, it feels as though 2Pac has resurrected from the dead and is dazzling us all again with his prophetic words and his bad boy ways. However, what really has everyone including King Dong excited is not 2Pac‘s resurrection but a sex tape that has surfaced from 1991. It’s suppose to be so bad ass and cool in so many levels.

First off, in the sex tape, Tupac is at a house party with his pants down to his ankles, he’s shirtless and the house jam packed with groupies that just love the hell out of him. 2Pac chooses a girl and pulls her towards him and she quickly starts giving a champ blow job.

Meanwhile, as he is receiving oral pleasure he’s doing a bunch of other stuff, like dancing and singing to a song of his that no one has ever heard for it was never released! He smokes a blunt and takes sips off his drink, lastly, still as he is receiving a blow job he strikes a friendly conversation with Money B.

Tupac was not only a sensational rapper/lyricist but he had mad skills at muti tasking. Needless to say here at King Dong were just fucking waiting to get our hands on 2Pac’s Sex Tape!