It was the day of the wedding and the bride was having cold feet. She locked herself in the guest bathroom to try and take a breather. After taking some time away from all the craziness, she decided to go through with the wedding.  However, she failed to realize that the connected bedroom was now occupied by one of the groom’s guest. Imagine her surprise, when she walks out the bathroom only to be greeted by the largest penis she had ever seen.  Startled and embarrassed, he quickly tries to cover himself up; only for her to stop him and ask for another peek. She starts telling him, how she was having doubts about going through with the wedding; because she wanted to experience what it was like to be with someone else. She goes on to tell him that if he lets her get a taste of his huge cock, it’ll help her out with this little problem and she’ll be able to go through with the wedding.  What they both failed to realize was that there was a hidden camera in the room that caught all the juicy action. Let’s just say it was the groom who sent us these pics of his ex fiancé. Check out more ex girlfriends here.